Case Studies


Check out the amazing things Globers are building for our clients around the world!

Empowering entrepreneurs with Nando

Nando, developed by Interbank, is a mobile platform that helps entrepreneurs manage their business and focus on the numbers that matter. The team identified that entrepreneurs struggled to stay in control of their business while pushing for growth at the same time. In that context, entrepreneurs need someone they can trust to manage the numbers, so they can focus on growing their business. This product is currently being developed by Globant.

Leading Domestic Airline Turns to Globant for Critical Operations

The airline business is fiercely competitive, so carriers are always looking for competitive advantages. In 2009, this domestic airline invited Globant to compete for an initial project working on its website. With the successes Globant had in the dot-com space, the airline then asked the team to expand its focus. Globant now works on multiple long-term engagements with the airline beyond the website, including workforce planning, crew and operational areas.

Leading Airline Takes Off with Globant

The relationship between Globant and this airline goes back several years, when the airline merged with another regional carrier. Globant helped to create a unified software architecture that combined the two airlines’ reservation systems into one along with redefining its overall digital strategy, refining a new delivery model and creating and executing a training program for the airline employees to ensure they have the skills and infrastructure to manage their key daily tasks.

EA brings co-development to the next level with Globant

Back in 2007, with many games on its calendar for release and limited resources internally, EA started to explore turning to external outsourcing partners that could help with ease the workload. EA called on Globant and started a relationship with a handful of developers. A decade later, the relationship thrives with a large contingent of Globant people dedicated to EA.


Grupo Santander is now using StarmeUp, the social and interactive platform developed by Globant, to spread the corporate culture and recognize the people who representit best. The initiative was launched by the President of the financial institution herself, Ana Botin. The solution was implemented in just 7 days and, in 6 months, it already has the participation of 95,000 employees, or 54% of Grupo Santander’s global staff.


Members of the public will now be able to connect with the Met via multiple digital channels - giving people access to police services in the channel of their choice, enhancing protection for vulnarable populations, improving standards and local policing. The new digital platform represents a step change in the Met's offer to Londoners and creates a world-leading example of digital being used to support community access to the police.