Future of Organizations

We help organizations with their digital transformation.

Platforms and apps that integrate and act as the Operating System for the Organization of the Future. We help organizations with their digital transformation, enabling them to manage their culture effectively, engaging their employees from day one to ensure success.



    StarmeUp is the peer to peer recognition tool you need to grow your company culture and corporate values, empowering your employees to nurture a healthy workplace. The tool produces valuable real-time information that helps managers gain knowledge of the organization's hidden talent and positive influencers.

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  • BeThere

    BeThere brings employees inside the company closer together by enabling them to upload photos and share what's happening within the organization. Employees can login with company credentials and stay connected to their coworkers anytime, anywhere, sharing great moments no matter where in the world they are.

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  • BetterMe

    Employees can give anyone else in the organization timely and constructive feedback, improving the visibility into real-time performance. For employees, it is a way to keep a real-time pulse on how they are performing. For leaders, it standardizes and tracks information for performance evaluations and can be used to help employees advance their careers.

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  • BriefMe

    A dynamic way to get the right information in front of employees at the right time. Manage and target all the formal and informal internal communication per location and device, making sure information reaches everyone in a more effective way.

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  • TakePart

    A platform that empowers employees to suggest new ideas and drive more dynamic organizational change.  Employees vote and give feedback on ideas generated from all across the organization, bringing true innovation to life faster. 

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