Enabling mobility everywhere

Whether you need to build a new product, mobilize an existing product or maintain an existing solution, which can be Native, Hybrid or built through Cross-Compilers, our Mobile Studio is experienced on the latest tools and frameworks to help you reach your business goals. Leveraging on our experience in Agile Methodologies, cross-industries knowledge, and a combination of both state-of-the-art and traditional UI tactics, Globant provides clients with true value when creating or improving their Mobile strategy.


  • ME


    We build Mobile Apps using most widely-spread technologies. We can go through a native approach, taking full advantage of iOS and Android most recent OS updates and device capabilities or we can go through a Hybrid or Cross-Compiler approach maximizing code reuse. We are technology-agnostic, we'll recommend the best approach for your business needs. We've built over 300 mobile products for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Android Smartphones, Android Tablets or Android wearable devices.


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  • FP


    Our SWAT team can build a working prototype to validate your business idea or jumpstart your project to a scalable solution in record time. We achieve this by using an already tested base tech stalk and platforms minimizing coding.

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  • MPS


    Whether you have no experience in building mobile apps, you have a bunch of products but not development standards, or you are having team scalability issues, we can help you move towards the next maturity stage regarding mobility. Based on our experience working with over 100 organizations, from startups to fortune-500 companies, we built our consultancy framework to assess your organization maturity and provide solutions to deliver mature mobile solutions.

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